Below is a list of all of the culinary vendors that will be attending "An Evening in the Gardens."

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JohnTom's Barbeque

Over the years, barbecue has gotten a little too “cute”—-especially the sauces, with their bright, pretty labels. Some even have the nerve to be called gourmet. Well, true barbecue fans know it was never intended to be fancy; it’s a roll-up your sleeves, finger-licking event. That’s what JohnTom’s Barbecue is all about.


Smokin' for a Cause

Smokin' for a Cause was formed as a way to setup and organize barbecue competitions to raise funds for local charities and people in need. We're focused on bringing fun, family-friendly competitions to small town events and giving back to the community.

Crepe Crazy

Crepe Crazy features Crepes! Strawberry, banana, chocolate, and more... you've got to try this delicious brunch treat.


Big Brick House Bakery

Big Brick House Bakery's stone mill is used daily to grind small batches of grain, to provide you with the most nutritious whole grain products. Our fresh flour makes the integrity and flavor of our artisan award winning products unique.




Deliciously authentic Mexican cuisine.

Blackhawk Winery

Located in Sheridan, IN, Blackhawk Winery & Vineyard is a family owned farm and winery with 5 acres of vineyard to support their wine making.

Indian Community

Authentic Indian food offering a diverse menu. 

The Mill

The Mill offers a diverse American style menu. Each dish is prepared to ensure every craving is satisfied. 

Bad Dad Brewery

Our aim, at Bad Dad Brewery, is to bring our own version of some of the best styles we've encountered to our community.  If you're in the area, stop by and say hello - you never know when we've got something new to try!